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My 90th Birthday Celebration
My birthday was actually March 27th, but Lucille and our daughters were afraid I might not last that long so they planned my party for the 23rd of March.

I was the last to know.  Had I known in time, I would have called the whole thing off.  After all, what in this day and time is so unusual to live to be ninety? I supposed I have had the "luck of the Irish." For I have had a number of narrow escapes, both in civilian life and wartime. Anyhow, what I am trying to say is, I am so very glad that Lucille and the girls "put one over on me".

I am still in a daze and I am so very, grateful for all those who attended my ninetieth birthday party as well as the multitude of cards and letters I received. There were right at 200 who signed the register, plus the many calls and letters from those unable to attend. I do not vouch for the exactitude of the following but according to Lucille, there were over fifty from our church, ten of my Air Force buddies and their friends, ten of our dancing partners from different parts of the country, cousins and relatives from Houston, Albany, Moran, Grand Prairie, Houston, El Paso, Irving, Stephenville, Ft. Worth, Austin, Eastland, DeLeon, Sidney, Gustine, Rising Star, Brownwood, and parts and places unknown.

Again, what I am trying to say to all of you, named or unnamed, who helped in so many ways to celebrate my ninetieth birthday, our deepest love and appreciation. It has been said that the "first ninety years are the hardest." But if I live ten more years, you are all invited to my 100th.

Printed in The Comanche Chief  newspaper, May 8, 2003