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Big Scandal Took Place in Downtown
Scary headlines?  Or, just a way to get the attention of the public? True.

I am referring to the fine work done last week for the Comanche area by the delightful Kerry Dudley where she rounded up the misfits and dregs of Comanche, De Leon, and it's environs for a special benefit for The American Heart Association, also known as the Heart Fund. Kerry had a lot of help from the local news media, the minions of the law, and many others as she rounded up the criminal element of our fair communities.  Some of those captured were local bankers, lawyers, local businessmen, not to mention such miscreants, as the Mayors, City Councilmen, and such nefarious characters as the vanishing breed, peanut farmers.

This brings me to the judge, that highly-opinionated voluble Englishman, Reg Gill. I am not surprised at members of the local bar association and bankers being hauled before the court for their alleged money grubbing and robbery of the innocent public, but I am continually surprised at Kerry's choice for the presiding Judge, that imported Englishman Reg Gill.  I find myself wondering if the Judge himself said to be full-blooded Englishman, has taken out his citizenship papers.  Is an Englishman really qualified to fairly judge American Citizens? 

Now let me hastily add lest someone suggest an 0'Brien could be prejudiced on the subject of the English, I deny that charge before it may ever surface.  Although the English have been guilty dating back to our Colonial  days of "Taxation without Representation" as we American's charged, as well as having made war on and subjugated their neighbors, the Irish, through these years, I do not lay that guilt trip on Reg Gill.  And, I likewise deny the guilt trip that Jessie Jackson is attempting to lay upon us present day Americans for America's involvement in slavery in the days of our ancestry, which many of us had no connection.  My own O'Brien ancestors were too poor to afford slaves.  Indeed according to our family historian, the first O'Brien of our ancestry served under an English Officer in our own French and Indian Wars. Allegedly, he was an indentured servant under the English Officer, which to me makes sense. Why else would an Irishman serve the English cause?

I mention these extraneous facts to emphasize, though I may have just cause, I have absolutely NO PREJUDICE against Reg Gill just because he is allegedly English, nor because he threw the book at me in two earlier unproven charges. In fact, I sneaked in to enjoy Beau's fine tea and crumpets and the company of the lovely waitresses who brought me gratis the fine refreshments gratuitously provided.  Wonder if anyone left tips? (I didn't).

Among many credits I fail to mention are Beau and his crew for their fine hospitality, and most especially to Kerry Dudley and her many helpers for their willing association with the criminal elements of our fair communities. I wonder how much money was raised for this very worthwhile cause.

In conclusion let me hastily add, I, O'Brien, was in no way involved in any of the criminal charges mentioned above. As a retired peanut farmer I was only there to observe what was going on and to enjoy Beau's, his cook's, and his waitresses' hospitality (freebies).  I sneaked out the back door just like I sneaked in as I was afraid the English judge would book me for VAGRANCY.

Read Reginald Gill's response.
Printed in the Comanche Chief newspaper