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Dancing Around the (Political Issue)
(similar to Dancing in Deleon)
I warn all my young male friends to never marry a younger woman; when you become elderly and would enjoy nothing more than relaxing in your favorite recliner, they will drag you off to some Senior Citizen Dance and dance your legs off. 

But to be real honest, I thoroughly enjoy going to the local dances. I know of no better exercise, and we have met some delightful friends. Our personal preference is due in part to its closer proximity to home, but also, the floor is very good, the acoustics are better than average, the music is furnished by local people (or at least those from the Central Texas area), and the people are always friendly.

I am referring to the City Hall dance at De Leon, held usually on Monday and Saturday nights.

Vertner Smith, widow of the late Doyle Smith, reminisced about her husband (who was a member of the city council at the time),
"He felt the elderly people of the surrounding area needed a meeting place where they could listen to good music and enjoy the healthful exercise of dancing, so he petitioned the De Leon City Council for the use of the City Hall."
They agreed to allow the hall to be used for dances. That was nearly twenty years ago and under the name of "The Half-Century Club," it has been operated and managed by the local citizens ever since.  Many different types of music are played such as country western, waltzes, polkas, two-steps, put-your-little-foot and whatever. Through the years, beside local citizens of the Comanche and De Leon area, visitors have come from places like Coleman, Eastland, Stephenville, Granbury, Mineral Wells, Breckenridge, Gorman and Brownwood. From time to time, dancers have dropped in from almost every state in the union and on one occasion I recall, a young lady from India. In addition to the many areas I have named, some regular visitors from West Texas spend their summers at Lake Proctor.

I do not know the economic benefit to the local economy, but it can't be hurting it. 

People of varying age groups attend these dances - some in their eighties and nineties, and sometimes their children and grandchildren. 

There are generally a number of widow ladies in attendance, and one of our very dear friends encourages her husband to dance with them, saying,
"I feel so sorry for the poor widow ladies." "I don't feel a bit sorry for the poor widow ladies," I respond, "I feel sorry for their long-departed husbands who have been dead for five, twenty or longer years.  Those "poor widow ladies" are still going strong."
Which brings me to the real reason for this account, I wish to speak to you ladies, who may like I, have become disillusioned with both of our political parties.  You ladies, statistically speaking,
  • outlive us of the male gender
  • you out-number us
  • and again, statistics, show you own more property than we do
You can OUT-VOTE us!!

Start your very own party. You remember the old adage, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. In this modern world, you no longer have to rock the cradle - you can take over your rightful place. 

Forget about "Democrats" and "Republicans," start your own party - an All-Woman party. Put an all-woman Senate and House of Representatives in Congress. No one is better suited to clean house than the female of the species, and if any place needs house cleaning, it is Washington.

Our delightful friend, Addie Williams, interviewed recently by Jon McConal on the occasion of her 100th year, remembers,
"When I married in 1930, they were talking about balancing the Federal budget. When I retired in 1957, they were still talking about balancing the budget. They are still talking about it and haven't balanced it yet."
No one is better able to balance a budget than you women. I even have a name for your new party, Women of the World, or WOW for short!
  • You will not want any men to hold office in your women's party - well, you might permit us to be associate members (dues-paying, of course)
  • You might even bring peace to a war-weary world. Can you think of a woman president anywhere in our time that started a war? Well, Margaret Thatcher of England, but she was successful, won the war and got out. They even have a woman president in Ireland, and that part of Ireland (the South) is at peace with everybody
  • You can also appoint a lady Secretary of Agriculture. I bet she would come nearer representing agriculture than any I can remember
Remember: you no longer have to rock the cradle - you can rule the world. Wow!

Printed in The Messenger magazine, September/October 1997