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Dancing In DeLeon
And Forming The "WOW" Party
(ED. NOTE:) Here's another exciting installment from our young Cousin Hugh from down in Comanche county.  He'd told us abut the Senior Citizens Dance at DeLeon and we'd asked him to tell us about them because we thought maybe some of our folks might be interested.  Come to find out, many of our folks already participate.  Course, those of us Baptists who don't dance in front of other people wouldn't know anything about that. Hugh's a Methodist, and does.  We especially like his thoughts on letting women folks clean up Washington. The male gender certainly has made a mess of it.
I think I must have mentioned earlier something in regard to our recreational activities such  as DANCING, and you indicated that some of your elderly readers might find some interest in the subject.  Perhaps I should remind you some of them already are, some from such far away places as Rising Star, Eastland, Breckenridge, Carbon, Gorman, Cisco and Ranger are regular in their attendance of the dance in the DeLeon City Hall held nearly every Saturday and Monday nights from 7-10 p.m.

In fact there have been those from even greater distances who have attended on occasion, I think from every state in the Union and even on one occasion, I recall a lady from India. And of course, Comanche, Brownwood, Stephenville, and other surrounding areas have people who attend from time to time.

Vertner Smith, widow of the late Doyle Smith, reminisces that this started nearly 20 years ago when her husband who was on the City Council felt the need existed for some sort of healthy recreation for the citizenry of his age group.  He petitioned the City Council to provide a meeting place for the Senior Citizens, later charged I think as the "Half Century Club," and it is still going strong.  It is run by Senior Citizens for Senior Citizens, which has a rather broad interpretation, and sometimes grandchildren show up.

As for myself, I advise all my young male friends to NEVER MARRY A YOUNGER WOMAN, as when they reach my age when they would enjoy dozing comfortably in a recliner, they will drag you off to some SENIOR CITIZEN dance, and dance your legs off. But to be truthful we both enjoy the exercise, the association with some delightful people, and have formed some lasting friendships. (Maybe I shouldn't say "lasting" considering our respective ages.)

A very good friend and former neighbor, Margaret Mazurek, came to a  recent dance.  Recuperating  from hip surgery, she didn't dance but she enjoyed the music.
I said, "Margaret, if you keep improving I'll bet you will be dancing again." 

Her response, "Well, if I live long enough I expect to." 
I think Margaret told me she is 97.

We go dancing elsewhere from time to time, but the DeLeon dance is only some 16 miles from us, the musicians are all local, and very good at Country Western, waltzes, two step, put your little foot, polkas, rags, or whatever. One fellow does an Irish jig, and he's not even Irish.  Wish I could. No drinking or loud music or smoking in the building.

Quite a number of widow ladies are regular in their attendance,  one I know is 90. One of our very dear friends encourages her husband to dance with the widow ladies, saying,
"I feel so sorry for those poor widow ladies." 

To which I respond, "I don't feel a bit sorry for those pour widow ladies; I feel sorry for their long departed husbands that have been dead some five, ten, twenty or longer years.  Those "Poor Widow Ladies" are still going strong."
Which brings me to the moral, if any, of this whole episode. You who are of  the Female Gender out live the Male of our species. Statistically, you control more wealth of the Nation than we. You outnumber us. YOU CAN OUT-VOTE us. You know the old adage, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." The time is long overdue for you to take charge. Form your own party, non-partisan, bi-partisan or whatever. I even have a name for you, WOMEN OF THE WORLD or "WOW" for short. If there is anybody who can clean house in Washington, surely you women are best equipped to do it. And who can better balance a budget than our women.

In connection to the subject of balancing the National Budget (not dancing) I am enclosing a recent clipping about a most remarkable friend of ours of many years, who is still very active in the First United Methodist Church we attend. (She is related to the Terry and Brandon Geye's of your County with whom I am sure you are well acquainted.)

Addie William's comment, "When I married in 1930 they were trying to balance the budget. When I retired in 1957 they still were, and today they still haven't balanced it. Now isn't that something?"

Jon McConal's response, "Well, it sure is. But so are you, Addie!"

Well, Addie Williams, going on 100 years of age, it looks to me from where I sit, if the National Budget is ever to be balanced it is up to you and the "WOW" Party to do it.

Sincerely, Your Cousin,
Hugh M. O'Brien

(P.S. Lucille and I would be happy to welcome you and Gaynell as our guests at the DeLeon City Hall Senior Citizens Dance. It is inter 8 non-denominational, Baptist, Catholic, a sprinkling of Methodists and other kinds of people you might enjoy.)

Printed in the Cisco Press - Eastland Telegram - Ranger Times, March 9, 1997