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Dreaming "Dreams"...
"The old shall dream dreams and the young shall see visions." 
-- Joel 2:28
Now at my age, I feel I have a DREAM, but it will take the VISION of the YOUNG, like Bob Whitney, along with the help of the many young and visionary members of our local Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau, Lion's Club, and other men, women and youth, and of course, the news media, both audio and visual. I have tried to include everybody and every organization I could think of in this list for two reasons:
  1. BOB WHITNEY, the first name I mentioned, is a very able, dedicated, talented, and capable young man who has the unusual knack of providing leadership and inspiration for so many fine community endeavors. He has also warned me, "DO NOT DREAM UP ANY MORE IDEAS FOR ME TO DO! I AM ALREADY OVERLOADED WITH PLANS AND IDEAS!"
  2. I added the list of HELPERS, an incomplete list that you can count on to carry this out. Besides, there were already people and organizations at work on this DREAM of mine before I even dreamed it: like the Main Street Endeavor, cleaning up the city lots, and attracting new businesses and industry.
So much for the preamble, here is my dream: within the City Limits of Comanche, alone, there is quite a bit of vacant land. Large plots of vacant lots to partially vacant lots, and acres, and in some cases, multiple acres are growing weeds and brush and collecting debris. These vacant lots are on the TAX ROLLS, but other than that, they are to totally unproductive but could be with irrigation, which I think would be adequate with the City Limits for vegetables and flowers, if not drinkable – you get some committee who could determine that.

Assuming all these minor details could be worked out, instead of the Chamber of Commerce and the local News Media having to preach "trade at home", people would be coming from all over Texas to buy fruit and vegetables fresh out of the fields, city lots, or gardens.

And, after they have gathered their fresh fruits and vegetables, they could do the shopping they needed from the local a businesses before they left town.

Bob, I know there are a lot of unanswered questions, which I am sure you can find people to answer.

  1. Check available water, amount of acreage to water, types of crops – multiple crops depending on the season
  2. What about harvest? Some customers could and would pay for the privilege of gathering their own
Land within the city limits could and should be providing food for the body politic. A sizeable portion of the aforementioned idle land and vacant yards could be growing flowers! What kind? Iris? Cannas? Lilies? Bouganvillas? What about roses? Why should Tyler, TX have that number one title?
Go with me on this tour of the city. For starters: the Glen Morgan’s, one block north of the library at 401 N. Austin, was beautiful. On to Hill Haven Drive, north of the reservoir to John
Earl Williams to see his yellow, red and pink roses. Stopped at Harold Smith’s and admired his lovely yellow rose. On down the road north nobody at home, but remembering the old adage, "Take time to smell the roses." I did just that, and then I happened to think, "Did I have a permit to stop and smell the roses?" I might be in violation of a city ordinance, which might carry a stiffer penalty than delinquent taxes! So, I hastily left to continue my tour of the city, admire the roses and other flowers and just think about what a showplace your/our city can be with everyone working together.
When Bob Whitney and you all working together, transform the City of Comanche and its environs into the Health and Beauty Spot of Central Texas, let me know. I have another project after this one for Bob to work on and he will need your help on it, too!

Meanwhile, while you fine people are working on this mind-boggling transformation of Comanche into the Health and Beauty Spot of Central Texas, I plan on staying completely out from under foot until the dust settles. Actually, I have nebulous plans. If I can collect enough money for the trip and can get Lucille to go with me, I’m going back to Ireland where I would do some research on flowers in window  boxes. Forget Ireland. Lucille will just build a window box for one of our windows and put some dirt in it. I will plant some flowers in it, and she will water them.

Yours for a healthier and lovelier Comanche. Let me know when you get the job done, and I will come back and help you enjoy it!
Printed in The Comanche Chief