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Honest Confession is Rough on One's Ego
It has been well said, "Honest confession is good for the soul!" but a corollary could be, "It is also rough on one's ego."

I have been wrong when I have thought some stool pigeon has been snooping and telling off on me and that there is a local spin-off of the Taliban complex sitting in locally. I have just become a casualty of old age. These are some the unspoken thoughts on my mind including, "Where is my accuser?" when I was summoned to appear before the Texas Department of Public Safety to show cause why I should continue to drive a motor vehicle.

Fleming Oak but not THE Fleming OakThey were right and I was wrong. I brought this on myself when I quit climbing trees, painting them and started cruising around the city admiring them. The excuse I have is, I think Comanche has within the city and its environs some of the loveliest trees in the world. Begin with our historic "Fleming Oak" on the square. Next but not necessary in order, the live oaks on each side of the Comanche County Public Library, our own live oaks at the Comanche First United Methodist Church, the red oak at Comanche Electric Cooperative, the trees on the Fairchild's spacious lawn and the and the beautiful Queen's WreathQueen's Wreath on their front porch, and the live oaks around the old Chilton home. I have not mentioned the mesquite, pecan, elm, or fruit trees in and around our fair city nor the roses and other flowers, nor such items of beauty outside the city such as the backyard of the Charles Carroll's.

Had I only confined my admiration of the trees and flowers in my own rural area and surrounding areas, I might not have been in the trouble I am, unless of course my neighbors had become alarmed by my erratic driving habits and turned me in. Be warned, more moaning, wailing and groaning to follow if the Chief has patience and space.

Printed in The Comanche Chief newspaper, October 17, 2002