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If Mahomet Will Not Go to the Mountain,
Why Not Move the Mountain to Mahomet?
How many times have you heard and read this slogan.  A good one from our Chamber of Commerce is "Trade at Home" along with the statistics of how many times money spent at home circulates and adds to the prosperity and well-being of all the citizenry. I think we of the agricultural community have long been aware of that and in the main have purchased our goods and used the services of our hometown merchants. This is where we do our banking, buy our supplies, and attend our churches. Yes, we do at times go to Wal-Mart , (where we do not always buy the best for less) but where we can usually find nearly all of our needs including the kitchen sink all under one roof—nearly.

You have all heard the term "urban sprawl," which is applied to the current trends of our city friends to move out into the rural areas so that may enjoy the best of two worlds
  • The advantage of country living
  • The convenience of city shopping at the same time.

I see nothing wrong with that, as long as we have available land as we do now, and we value our freedom to live where we choose. However at the same time, why not reverse that trend and encourage "city sprawl." Now back to the title of this theme, "Why not move the mountain to Mahomet?" Why should our citizenry feel the need to go to Brownwood, Stephenville, Eastland or elsewhere to trade at Wal-Mart? There are acres and acres - ten and twenty or more acres of land within the city limits of Comanche growing weeds and grass or debris that could be growing Wal-Mart or some other industry! I do not know who owns this idle land, whether local, outside or city. Why should our children have to leave Comanche to find gainful employment when they could be living in currently vacant homes and working in a local Wal-Mart or some other industry? The time is now! Our city and community is on the move with the main street project. Let us make Comanche not only an attractive city in which to live but also a prosperous place in which to thrive and enjoy.

Oh, by the way, vacant land that will not be growing a Wal-Mart can be growing fruits and vegetables—or roses to feed both the body and soul of our growing populace.

Printed in the Comanche Chief newspaper, September 12, 2002