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Main Street Project
This whole thing started with the Main Street Project.  Various homeowners, like the Glen Morgan's and others, were already adding beauty to the landscape of their homes by planting roses, lilies, and other flowers. Various businesses were growing shrubbery in barrels in front of their business, and Jim and Nancy Wilkerson have been planting flowers around the base of the barrels.  How colorful!

Speaking of Jim and Nancy, I think the Comanche Chief and its staff have been prime movers in the Main Street improvement project, without distracting from the help of others. I notice they have added two more sidewalk boxes filled with flowers in addition to the two they already had.
  • I also noticed that the American State Bank on the northeast corner of the square was growing flowers in window boxes on the side of their building.
  • Comanche Electric Cooperative has begonias growing in their large window box facing the south.
  • The Ag Texas Farm Credit (formerly Production Credit) south of the Library is growing rose moss.
  • I noticed that there is a clump of garlic growing in a vacant lot in the north central part of town. Who ever thought of garlic as a flower?
Now if only Bob Whitney would cross-pollinate garlic with a rose, we would have a healthy, edible, lovely and fragrant addition to our landscape.

Keep up the good work Comanche. Just don't ask O'Brien for help.
But, he did!  "JUST BECAUSE! Local Comanche resident, Monselle O'Brien, is seen here with a pickup load of rose moss hanging baskets.  Monselle spent the morning going around town giving away these flowers to people he would see just in hopes of brightening their day. Good job Monselle!" says Comanche Chief reporter.

Photo taken by Comanche Chief. Color added by Christy M. Fitzsimmons


Photo taken by Karen Coplen
Actually, O'Brien has worked very hard to beautify his own yard this spring/summer of 2001.  These flowers represent only a small percentage of the gorgeous colorful flowers that be bought and planted or hung in these great live oaks for all who drove by, visited, and for Lucille and himself to enjoy.

Printed in The Comanche Chief newspaper, Thursday, June 28, 2001