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Most of Our Troubles We Bring upon Ourselves
Note from the webmaster: I almost cut this story for its chauvinistic content.

I warn our daughters and others that when they leave on a trip,
"Watch out for women drivers and old men!"  But I always add, "But, women drivers are more numerous than old men so they are the most dangerous."
When Lucille and I were married she had never driven a car, so I taught her. That's where I went wrong. In so doing, unwittingly unleashed not only Lucille, but now our five daughters—plus granddaughters on an unwary innocent public. Had you ever thought how less congested today's highways would be were it not for women drivers. There would not be the fuel crisis were there only one car to a family driven by the man instead of the two or more to the household all guzzling gas.

Today of course, women work away from home and would need transportation. If the distance was not too far, she could walk, which the medical profession now says is one of the best forms of exercise, besides good for weight control.
You might ask me, "Why don't you try it!

My answer to that would be, "Don't change the subject."
I did not always think this way. As I said, when we first married Lucille did not drive. Now going home, we had five or six gates to open. Newly married and chivalrous lad that I was in those days, I would stop the pickup, climb out, walk around and open the gate. Then I would crawl back behind the steering wheel, drive through, get back out of the pickup, close the gate and then proceed to the next gate. (In retrospect, I did right in teaching Lucille to drive a car, however I should only have taught her how to drive through gates.

Now it has become a moot question. Douglas closed all the gates, and now to get where we once lived, I have to drive about four or five miles around and go through Charles Carroll's place to the west of us and open three gates. Or even better, I can go through our own place and ford the creek as long as the creek is fordable.

Printed in the Comanche Chief newspaper, September 19, 2002