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Of All the Things I Have Lost -
I Miss My Mind the Most (2nd Installment)<

As I keep forgetting things, names and faces, I wish Lucille would remove that sign from her kitchen (of all the things I have lost - I miss my mind the most). Actually, there has
been no case of known mental aberrations in my family, with the possible exception of my mother's mother, Paralee Bryant, who made her home with my Dad and Mom most of her declining years. I remember her, as being somewhat non-committal in her dotage years, or maybe to put it kindly, we thought of her as being "somewhat off the wall" but always in good spirits. I do
wish I had asked her just why, so it was

said, that she took after my Grandfather Bryant with a butcher knife? I wonder if she knew why? And I wonder if she may have caught him? After all, he was never seen or heard of again.

I guess the only reason I bring up these questions about my Maternal Grandmother is that I am somewhat concerned about my "short term" memory loss.  But, I do remember in meticulous details the things that happen in the more distant past.  For example, the four acres tract across the road
from us has been grown up in mesquite for years.  Some fifty or so previous years, this tract had been a favorite "stopover" for "First Monday Traders" who would, along with their goats, horses, cattle and mules, spend the night there prior to driving on to Comanche for the First Monday Trades Day. Finally, after a history, of fifty-plus years as a "First Monday" stopover, followed by some ten or twenty years in brush and shinnery, we bulldozed the acreage, cleared the brush, and planted it in "Desert Gold", a commercial variety of white rind, yellow-meat watermelons.  Although a commercial variety, those melons we produced that first year were the most tender and the sweetest variety I ever ate.

Now I wonder, was the flavor from it being "new ground" or was the flavor derived from the goat, the mule, cattle, or other sources of fertility? Those are questions I hope our highly-esteemed and knowledgeable County Agent, Bob Whitney, will do some research on: Which different types of fertilizer will do for flavor enhancements of our various crops? To my knowledge, this would be a FIRST.

Printed in The Comanche Chief newspaper.