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I Am Totally Opposed to Prejudice...
I am totally and unequivocally opposed to prejudice in any form, against race, religion or any other form. In fact, if there should be one prejudiced bone in my body, I would want it removed, unless it is the one between my ears where I try to do my thinking.

I say this to emphasize, I do not hold it against England because of her policy, "Taxation without Representation," which caused our "War of Independence." I sometimes wonder whether "Taxation without Representation" was so bad after all compared to our present "Taxation with Representation."  Nor do I hold it against England because she imported all of our food from Ireland and watched our people starve during the Potato Famine, "After all, the Irish brought it all on themselves."

Nor am I prejudice against the British. Now at long last, I found out they have taken all the alcohol out of our favorite brew, Guiness, and taxed our hard liquor so high that no Irishman can afford to get drunk. How else can you explain that there are no traffic cops patrolling the highways and no drunk drivers on the highways in Ireland?

I have finally found an Englishman that I truly like besides Winston Churchill whom we all adored (but, after all, Churchill's Mother was an American). I apologize to my delightful friend, Randy Willis Gill, for voicing the question, instead of bringing back an Englishman, why didn't she cross the English Sea when she was that close and bring back an Irishman?  I know what you have known all along, Randy, she made a wise choice. What a nice guy and such a good friend! (Complimentary words I never thought an Irishman would say about an Englishman!)

When you sent the advertisement in the Comanche Chief addressed "O'Brien, O'Brien, oh!" with the quotation of what I took to be actually an IRISH LIMERICK made me think, English or not here is a KINDRED SPIRIT. So, Reg Gill, the RIGHT HONORABLE SIR REGINALD, let me give you an IRISH WISH:
"May the warmth of the sun and the light of the Day,
May the luck of the Irish shine bright on your Way,
May the good saints protect ye and the devil neglect ye
May you be half an hour in Heaven
Before the devil knows you're dead."
Printed in the Comanche Chief newspaper, May 10, 2001