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Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic: The Three RRRs.
Have They Become Obsolete?
I was visiting with a young lad of my acquaintance a few weeks ago, and he questioned me about a problem that concerned him. I did not know the answer, so I suggested the Comanche County Public Library.
His response, "I do not read!"
How Tragic! But, I have been told that we are raising a generation of children who do not read. The wisdom of the ages is at their fingertips, in our own Comanche County Public Library.
Who said, "He who does not learn the history of mankind is doomed to repeat its mistakes?"
I was driving west by Glenn Morgan's home when I had to stop for thirty or more children, herded by three young girls towards the library for a reading and learning session.
"How nice,"  I thought, "there goes our graduation class of 2010 or 2012. I bet they will know how to read when they graduate!"
Martha Smith donates illustrated children's literature to the library, and other young ladies such as Nawana Lochridge, Kerry Dudley, Dawn Cobb, Shelly Brawley, Sue Vine, Jacquelyn Till, and many others donate their time, talent and love to the leaning process.

Tell these people we appreciate their dedicated concerns for our leaders of tomorrow.

Printed in The Comanche Chief newspaper, Thursday, June 28, 2001