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Son-in-laws again?
Well, after all, I have more of that subject than most people
(this is #4 installment though not #4 son-in-law).
Is this heading confusing?  It should not be.  Those living close to us, two of our very favorite ones, have been declared "off limits"....not by the lads themselves, who are very good sports and with whom we have very good relations, but by their wives, our daughters, who are exerting censorship where their husbands are concerned.  Moreover, Roy and Derwin's mother-in-law known as Lucille, my wife, says forget it.

In the course of time, we became aware that Christy was becoming more serious about his lad, however after spending nearly half of her adult years raising or being a parent to these two delightful grandsons of ours, Aaron and Garret Kennedy, she was not at all certain she was ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a mother again, this time to Pat's lovely gamin' 5-year-old daughter, Sara.
Again I should have played shut-mouth, instead I said, "Well, Christy, I am not going to say a word about this fellow Pat, but I really do think that Sara of his is a real sweetie, and that she would be a fine addition to our crop of granddaughters."

Now some four or five years later, Pat, Christy and Sara are so very much in love.  Although, my grandfather, Hugh O'Brien, was the sole survivor of 7 brothers in the confederacy, and a great uncle would never wear a blue shirt because it reminded him of the "Dam Yankees," we have no prejudice regarding Pat Fitzsimmons who happens to be from Minnesota. He fits in real well with the four other odd characters our daughters have become attached to and come to think of it, he is the only son-in-law we have who has told Lucille and I when we feel like a visit, he will come after us! 
(Why do I entertain the  nagging thought that then he can also bring us back before we eat him out of house and home?)

Patrick is a computer wizard, which I do not understand.  He also runs in various marathons, which also I can't understand although I do catch myself running or jogging across the road to the mailbox, but that is the safest way to cross the road on FM 2247.

What else is there to say? Patrick Fitzsimmons is as Irish a name as they come.  He does fit in real well with the other weird characters we are proud to call our sons-in-law, and besides all that, we think his Sara is a real sweetie.

Printed in the Comanche Chief newspaper, June 17, 1999