~ ~ ~
The day is Thursday, April 19, 2001 at 4:00 a.m., and I awoke with a sense of things left undone.
"Lucille,'' I shouted, "wake up!'' "Put on your going away clothes and get this show on the road. Don't ask where we are going? The Sheriff, his Deputy, the FBI, and the County Attorney are all on their way out here! Don't you hear the siren?"

"But what have we done?" she asked.

"Not we! You! You failed to remind me to fill out our income tax return on time or pay our county taxes by the deadline.
  Let's face the facts, Sweetie, we are being evicted. We are going on a long trip, each our separate ways. You perhaps to a state prison, while I will be incarcerated in a federal facility. And it is all your fault!

What are the girls going to say when they get over the shock that they no longer own any of the 1000 plus acres of land and that it belongs to the government? Well, they may just possibly be relieved that there will be no hassle about who gets what acreage. It will all belong to the government, and they will have to buy it back at competitive bidding. There is nothing fair about that."
 (I imagine that the girls might have the following dialogue as they are reacting to the drastic changes affecting them.)

"You mean we don't own a foot of land?''

"Not a foot! The taxman owns the whole works."

"How about the cows and equipment?"

"Dad has done sold all that!"

"Then why didn't he pay taxes with the money?"

"Dad says he didn't because Mom failed to remind him they were due. Dad blames her for everything!"
All that is left is Prince the cat and Oscar the Beta Fish. The last we heard it discussed, Nancy and Karen were to have custody of those two creatures and to share custody with the other three sisters at appropriate times.

Well, I am sure family and friends, if any, will be able to visit us in jail. Will son-in-laws want to visit? O'Brien doubts some of them will want to associate with such a disreputable character, but he is sure some will.  Most of them will at least visit Lucille.  I am certain that our Methodist pastor will visit but very infrequently since there is just one of him and he is spread pretty thin visiting our members in hospitals and funeral homes - and jail - all over Texas. I am certain Karen's pastor at First Baptist and Brent and his church group would visit.  Some of the grandkids would be too ashamed to visit their jailbird grandparents.  Actually, I am not too sure about jail visitation. After all, we do have a local jail, and I wonder how many of our local Church currently visit our local jailbirds!

So, Lucille woke me up and told me I was hallucinating.
I asked, "But what about our unpaid taxes?  What about all our property being confiscated and us in jail?"

 "Go back to sleep!  Taxes are paid. You were just having a nightmare."
But it could be real, if Lucille does not mind the store.

Printed in the Comanche Chief newspaper, May 10, 2001