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The Sin of Average Thinking, 
Which is the Glorification of the Average Man
"I have never excelled in my life's endeavors, but I have done as well as the average."

How often have you said that or heard it said by others? In a moment of introspection, I must confess it has been one of my favorite excuses for the things I have done or left undone.  This brings me to this title, "The sin of average thinking, which is the glorification of the average man."
  • Actually if man had not risen above the average, he would not have crawled out of his cave.
  • The average man would only have marveled as he watched the birds as I did this morning through my window. The above-average man said, "If the birds can fly, so can man."
I remember thinking as I flew back from overseas after the end of WWII in a C-54 (50 GIs and crew) that planes would never be any bigger than this!  How little did I know? How little do we know now? Lucille and I plan on going to Sacramento, CA along with three on our daughters, Nancy, Christy and Susan, to my Veteran's Reunion probably in a plane carrying two or three hundred passengers. This reminds me of the saying, "If the Lord intended man to fly, why didn't he make it closer to the airport?" Or maybe it would be better if airports were closer to people?

I am reminded of visiting a museum, I think in Boston, MA, which showed man's inventive genius from the oxcart to the spaceship along with the comment from an official in the patent office in the 1800's, "We might as well close the patent office.  Everything worthwhile has already been invented." 

That was an example of the average thinking of man of that day or maybe even the average man of today?

Printed in the Comanche Chief  newspaper, September 12, 2002