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 About the Author

You may wonder why I decided to place a picture of both my Mom and Dad on the background page for a web site dedicated to the stories written by my Dad, Monselle O'Brien.  The reason will become evident once you read the stories; her name, Lucille, appears in every one of them.  Just look at my Dad, he has the impish aura of an Irish leprechaun, and Mom has the look of a saint for putting up with him for the fifty-four years of their marriage.  No offense, Dad, you know I love you both to distraction.

Monselle was the only child of Hugh Marion and Gertrude Emily O'Brien.  His Dad was the only child as well.  So, what does Dad do, he fathers five daughters.  Sons would have come in handy on the farm, we were not much help, but I think he will agree that the daughters have come in handy later on.  He would not receive near as much attention from sons.

Monselle raised peanuts and cattle for a living up until earlier this year when we retired just shy of his eighty-eighth birthday.  In his younger years, he also painted pictures.  He still has a few of his baptistry scenes in some of the rural churches.  In fact, click here for some cool information.  He briefly took painting back up in the mid-eighties but finally gave it up for good.  His excuse, "He painted everything he had a mind to."  Back in  February 1962, the Dallas Times Herald featured an article about him in the Sunday edition entitled, "Paintings and Peanuts" click here for article.

I could go on and on, but I think we should just let his stories speak for themselves.

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